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    It is the preferred equipment for batch processing of metal materials. The whole machine adopts a gantry structure, with good rigidity, beautiful appearance and low center of gravity. In addition, this machine adopts high quality fiber laser and high precision square rail driven by helical gear.
    Product Introduction
    Machine is an advanced equipment which uses laser as the medium, and is controlled by an advanced automatic CNC system. This perfect combination guarantees its high speed, high precision, high efficiency and low cost.
    Product Specification
    No.ITEMcnc fiber laser 1000w
    1Sheet Working Area3000 mm * 1500 mm
    2Laser SourceRaycus
    3Transmission SystemHelical Rack
    Linear Guides
    4Motors & DrivesFUJI Servo System
    5Max Idle Speed100m/min
    6Max Acceleration1.2G
    7Positioning Accuracy卤0.03mm
    8Re-Positioning Accuracy卤0.02mm
    9Lubrication SystemOne Touch Automatic Lubrication
    10Pressure ValvesHigh-pressure锛圢2, Air锛夛細2.5MPa (Shuoda)
    Low-pressure锛圤2锛夛細1MPa (SMC)
    11Gross Power<28 KW
    12Power SupplyThree-phase 380V/50Hz/60Hz
    13Gross Weight3500 Kg
    Cutting Parameter
    (mm)Cutting height
    Product Feature
    1. Low maintenance requirement
    2. High speed cutting
    3. High Beam quality
    4. Modular design
    It also has good stability since the machine body structure adopts the combination of riveting and assembly. Apart from these, it has resistance to corrosion and abrasion because it is made of carbon steel.
    Product Application
    Machine can deal with various metals and materials very well. With the follow-up dynamic focusing device, the quality of finished products can always be maintained good during the cutting process. It is not only suitable for the sheet metal parts, but also for various shapes of metal materials such as square tubes, round tubes, and oblates. The machine is now used in environmental protection equipment, cabinets, electric cabinets, kitchenware and bathroom, auto parts, sports equipment, advertising, hardware, doors and windows and other industries.
    Package and Delivery
    1. Q: How about the after-sales support?
    A: Yes, we have after-sales support. For example, we can provide you with the most appropriate suggestions and the most experienced technicians.
    2. Q: How can I make sure that this machine is suitable for me?
    A: don't worry. You can tell me your requirements and I will give you the most suitable price and product.
    3. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a dealer?
    A: We are the manufacturer of CNC cutting machines and have 10 years of experience in the CNC machine industry.
    Any things if we can help welcome contact with us.Sheet And Tube Laser Cutting Machine Made in China

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