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    “Baby travel gears can include a lot, such as strollers, baby carriers, baby walkers, baby child safety seats, etc. A stroller is a tool car designed for the convenience of infants in outdoor activities. There are various models. Generally, children from 1 to 2 years old play with a stroller, and children over 2 years old play with a toy car with wheels, a stroller. It will bring certain benefits to the child’s intellectual development and increase the child’s brain development. The stroller is the baby’s favorite means of walking, and it is also an essential item for mothers when they take their babies to the street for shopping. However, according to the growth and use of the baby, strollers can be divided into many types. Mainly according to the load capacity as the standard, the general test standard is nine to fifteen kilograms. The average stroller lasts about four to five years.

    According to the ergonomic principle of the baby carrier, the extra-wide shoulder straps and the extra-wide belt balance the weight; the unique detachable head cap design can effectively protect the newborn baby’s head, and can also play a role in keeping warm, windproof, and sunshade. The material is pure cotton single jersey with fine shuttle, and the lining is all cotton. When your baby sits on the carrier, the carrier is designed to allow your baby’s spine to grow healthily in the correct position. There are generally five types of baby carriers, including “”horizontal hold””, “”front hold””, “”front-facing””, “”face-to-face”” and “”back”” according to the way of holding. At the same time, there are special, dual-purpose, three-purpose and other multi-purpose carrier straps depending on the way of holding. A walker is a tool for babies to learn to walk when they are young. The baby walker comes from the West and is a means of transportation before the baby can walk. It is generally composed of a chassis frame, an upper plate seat, and a toy music box. It belongs to the toy stroller category. The baby walker can moderately assist the baby to learn to walk, and the baby walker with toys also has the function of “”entertainment””, which is helpful for training the coordination of the baby’s limb movements. On the premise of ensuring safety and correct use, the walker provides a convenient tool for the baby to learn to walk, and also liberates the mother’s hands. Car child safety seat, also known as Child Restraint System (CRS), is a seat designed for children of different ages (or weights), installed in the car, and can effectively improve the safety of children in the car. The European regulation ECE R44/03 defines a child safety seat as a child safety protection system that can be fixed to a motor vehicle and consists of a seat belt assembly with a buckle or flexible parts, adjustment mechanisms, accessories, etc. Can be combined with additional equipment such as a carrycot, infant carrier, booster seat or crash protection. In the event of a car crash or sudden deceleration, reduce the impact on the child and limit the child’s body movement to reduce their injury and ensure the child’s safety.

    Baby feeding supplies are designed for feeding babies and young children with food and liquids. It includes feeding bottles, training cups, baby cutlery (spoons and forks), milk and formula storage bags and bottles, sippy cups, snack bowls and bibs, sterilizers, breast pumps and accessories, baby food, feeding bottles Cleaning supplies, pacifiers, bottle warmers, bottle coolers, high chairs, etc. A breast pump is a tool used to express breast milk that has accumulated in the breasts. It is generally used when the baby cannot directly breastfeed, or when the mother has problems with the nipple, and when she still wants to breastfeed despite working hard. There are electric and manual breast pumps. Manual type is divided into pressing type, simple rubber ball suction method and syringe type. The electric type is divided into stimulated and non-stimulated milk arrays, as well as single pump, double pump and wearable.

    Baby cradle, generally refers to the baby’s bedding, it is usually mounted on a rocker or a crib or hammock that can be swayed on a pivot, and the baby will sleep comfortably on it. It can be divided into manual cradle and automatic cradle. The manual cradle, as the name suggests, refers to a non-mechanical cradle. The user pushes the cradle to move with force. It is a more traditional cradle product. Compared with the automatic cradle, it is laborious, unstable to shake, and prone to dizziness and vomiting after a long time. Automatic cradle refers to a mechanical cradle, which can be continuously shaken by the use of electricity or other external forces. It is a cradle product that has developed rapidly in the past few years. Compared with the traditional manual cradle, it has a smooth and balanced shaking, and can use be used to quickly fall asleep after the baby’s brain nerve adjustment is stabilized. A feeding bottle is a device used to hold milk, usually for babies. The feeding bottle itself does not contain a pacifier, it only refers to the body of the bottle, but generally, manufacturers who produce baby feeding bottles will give a pacifier with the bottle. For the baby bottle in the bottle, in terms of raw materials, it can be divided into: glass bottle, plastic bottle and silicone bottle. Among them, the materials of plastic milk bottles are generally PC, PP, PES, PPSU, and silica gel. Except for PC, others do not contain bisphenol A (BPA), and the “”PC”” material has been proven to release the toxic substance bisphenol A when exposed to high temperatures of 100°C.

    Heorshe collection includes many such as anti-colic bottles, dental care sippy cups, day and night pacifiers, clover teethers, wristband teethers, baby feeding sets, etc. Anti-colic milk bottle is also called anti-spit milk bottle. Through the special treatment in the design of the milk bottle, when the baby drinks milk from the milk bottle, it can effectively reduce the baby’s inhalation of air, thereby effectively reducing the baby’s symptoms of flatulence, burping and spitting up. This is the difference. The biggest difference from ordinary feeding bottles is that the baby can grow up healthily. There are three types of anti-colic feeding bottles on the market: bottom breathable, anti-colic system and nipple anti-colic. The principle of the bottom ventilation type is to add a breathable bottom cover to the bottom of the bottle, and to inhale and exhaust through the ventilation valve at the bottom. The principle of nipple anti-flatulence is that there is an air inlet on the side of the mouth of the inner section of the nipple, through which air is sucked into the bottle to fill the gap in the bottle, reduce the pressure in the bottle, and achieve the purpose of eliminating flatulence. However, this kind of feeding bottle will produce air bubbles when the baby sucks, and the baby will still have the possibility of bloating when inhaling the air bubbles. The principle of the anti-colic system is to add an anti-colic device under the nipple cover. When the baby drinks milk, the air enters the bottle quickly through the two small holes on the side of the anti-colic device and through the return valve. The air guide tube guides the air outside the bottle into the bottle directly to the bottom of the bottle, so that the pressure inside and outside the bottle is consistent, and it always presents a state of zero negative pressure.

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